Why So Serious? ~ Podcast 16

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the drama, worries, and requirements of this earthly life, but there are some inalienable truths that can set you free, release you from the fear of wasted time, the traps of old choices, and the clutches of negative people.  Have you considered that maybe it’s simple?  Maybe you’re just caught up in the habit of perpetual discontent, maybe you’ve forgotten that you are worthy of real joy, or maybe you just don’t like the a**hole friends you’ve chosen.  You CAN release people, rework your view of the world, and choose your something better.  It’s simple really… Take care of you, your energy, and your space.  Accept your worthiness.  Enjoy the earthly things.  And, at every turn, good, bad, or different, ask yourself the two questions most vital to your spiritual awakening, “What do I learn?” and “How do I grow?” 

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That little brunette with the podcast… ~ Podcast 15

Who is that little brunette with the podcast?  I am Jennifer Hall.  I was born, and I grew up like all of you.  I had glimpses and signs like all of you.  What makes me different, if anything, is that I’ve listened, and when the Universe has kicked my a**, which it has many times, I’ve realized it was an opportunity to level up.  I’ve gone back, and I’ve looked for where I missed the cues, so that I’d never miss them again.  I did it, and so can you. 

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The New Normal ~ Podcast 14

If we truly want to rewrite the patterns of our earthly experience, we must create a new normal.  We must get past the darkest parts of us and discover who we truly are.  Lesson 14 is all about breaking the chaos cycle, aligning our thought with truth, and trusting the signs we receive along the way.  Be warned, this may be the episode when you realize that my regulars call me “The Ass Kicker” for a reason. 

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The 100th Monkey ~ Podcast 13

Without fail, individuals on a spiritual path realize that where they are is a stepping stone.  They begin to evolve into new ways of thinking, and therefore, new ways of representing themselves in the world.  This shift adds to the collective unconscious and the stronger that underlying foundation becomes the more willing the fearful become.  This willingness allows us to switch the patterns, change the architypes, and deeply saturate our overall collective consciousness with truth.  Each of us has the ability to become a door for this truth, a voice for the Universe, and the more we learn, grow, and evolve the greater this potential becomes. 

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There Are No Cages – Love, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth ~ Podcast 12

Love of all kinds requires us learn and grow, to stretch.  It is the ultimate education, the Organic Chemistry in the University of Living.  The tools required include communication, dedication, empathy, and assertion, as well as, the willingness to bless the manure for the sake of the flowers.  This is more than just romantic love, it is our connection to the human world. 

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Take Notes! – Health and the Awakening Soul ~ Podcast 11

We can’t grow spiritually without learning to understand our bodies.  We must heal them, care for them, and navigate the space between our new found awareness and our human paranoia.  Grab a pen. You may want to take notes.  Episode 11 is all about health, awakening, & spiritual reception.

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It’s not the Resurrection, It’s the AWAKENING! – An Introduction to Metaphysics ~ Podcast 10

It’s not the Resurrection, It’s the AWAKENING! – An Introduction to Metaphysics In honor of what I call “Awakening Day”, this episode explores metaphysics and presents a metaphysical interpretation of Easter that will appeal to anyone on the path to enlightenment. This is not an episode about religion nor is it a renunciation. It is a call to action, a reminder that we must cross out the old and specialize in our own renewal.

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Why Not You? – An Introduction to Spiritual Giftedness ~ Podcast 9

There are a lot of reasons people reject their spiritual gifts.  Some assume they are crazy or egoic.  Others don’t even realize what’s happening.  And, all too often, the gifted allow their gifts to lay idle, because they are unsure, fearful, or truly exhausted.  Episode 9 is designed to crush some common misconceptions and set you on the path to deep acceptance of your own personal spiritual giftedness.  Spiritual gifts featured in the episode include clairvoyance, mediumship, and the all-important path of the empath.

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If you truly want to awaken, you must first and foremost give in.  Give in to being exactly who and what you know you are… the Universe living a life AS YOU.  You must strive at every moment to be and live and speak and hear as the Universe does.  You will fail and when you do, laugh.  You will fall, so get up!  You will chase after dangling carrots, and they will transform into peaches.  If you allow it, if you listen to the truth in your ears and the words from Your mouth, you will flow to your Highest Good with Grace & Ease.

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Confucius, Buddha, and Laotzu walk into a bar… – Podcast 7

Inspired by an ancient piece of Chinese art, this episode explores a Taoist take on life, one where we flow with ease from place to place, choice to choose, and even past the crisis and dis-ease to peace, calm, and joy.  We discuss the difference between our divinity and our humanness, our wisdom and our ego, our intuition and our bullshit and explore what it takes to become a voice for the Universe.

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