Manifestation has become so mainstream, but a few things are missing from the general conversation.  In episode 25, we will discuss the simplicity of it all and address those missing ingredients, as well as, the attachments that get in the way of the true achievement of Highest Good.  There are lots of strategies for manifestation.  Some work.  Some don’t. In this episode, Jennifer will share with you the easiest and most effective steps for manifestation, as well as, howto suspend your disbelief and commit fully to your own worthiness.

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Mediumship – What’s real, what’s not, & how to make sense of it all ~ Episode 24

Spirit, the Universe, wants to be heard & felt, and if you’re ignoring that, it will do whatever it takes to get your attention. When spirit shows up in a way that is frightening, it is either a manifestation of your own fear or you have proven that the only way you will listen is if you are shaken into awareness..This week Jennifer will discuss how to know if spirit is really communicating with us, how to hear better, how to control it, & how to make sense of it all.  We will also address the cultural views of spirit, ghosts, hauntings, etc. In this week’s episode there are two intertwining conversations.  One is for those of you who want to know your past loved one is around listening and supporting you.  The second is for those of you who have natural mediumship qualities.

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Energy Vampires ~ Podcast 23

The most important purpose for you being on this planet is to discover who you truly are, but you cannot do that with negative people and negative energies around you.  Be clear, there are no vampires with the power to suck your energy away.  You are never victim to anyone else’s energy, presence, or gift.  No one has the power to curse you, beat you down, or change who you are unless you allow them to.  Every individual who is sensitive to energy has the ability and RESPONSIBILITY to shield & protect themselves. No matter how powerful someone else is, it’s YOUR energy body, and YOU can protect it.  Under no circumstances should you leave your energy & well-being rawly in the hands of any friend, love, healer, or spiritual guru. You should and must shield yourself.  LESSON 23 is a crash course in energetic protection, shielding, and responsibility including a detailed discussion on some of the most widely used and misused crystal tools. 

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Spiritual Redesign – Cellular Renewal & Alchemy on the Fast Track ~ Podcast 22

You can absolutely without fail transform your life, your physical body, and your experience in the world.  We come here, in this earthly form to face challenges head on, to learn from them, and to deeply recognize that we are the creators of our own experience.  The key is alchemy, transmutation, the willingness to recognize, confront, and transcend all that holds us back and willingly, joyfully replace it.   It is a continual process throughout awakening and throughout our entire human existence.It is never ending, but it does grow continuously simpler and more rewarding. In this week’s episode, we discuss physical alchemy, cellular renewal, and how we can speed up the awakening process by renewing the physical, as well as, the spiritual body.

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Metaphysical Story Telling Volume One – The Eye of the Storm ~ Podcast 21

Awakening is a process of release and reformation that is sometimes pleasant and sometimes messy.  It doesn’t have to be hard, but at some point a storm is required.  Maybe you’ve already had yours, maybe you’re in it, or maybe you can sense it coming…  No matter where you are in the process, understanding its significance, value and design is absolutely essential.  When the storm comes, it is because we did not recognize the whispers, the taps on the shoulder, and the Universe decided that the storm was the only way to wake us up, get our attention, or, more often than not, push us into the splendor ahead.

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Let’s Go Swing on the Swings ~ Episode 20

Time itself is a human construct.  It can be bent and stretched, and yet so many of us walk through this life controlled by, victim to, or even in fear of the passage time.  Do not allow yourself to buy in to anyone else’s misconceptions.  The truth is life is not too short, children do not grow too quickly, and there truly is enough time for everything you actually want to do. It is the release of control that gives us mastery, and in that mastery lies one of the most essential keys to our awakenings. In episode 20, we discuss time… the passage of, the use of, the value, and the SLOWING of time.  We will explore strategies, attitudes, pitfalls, & the true rewards of time management as both a spiritual and truly human necessity.  Each of us has the ability to not just embrace, but to maximize and stretch time as well.  We truly can be present, experience, enjoy, get the job done, and still find the time to swing on the swings!

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Graduation Day – Life, Death, and Mourning ~ Podcast 19

In the end, there is nothing to fear, because the scariest thing we ever do is come here to the human plane, to life school.  In this place, we seek.  We seek clarity, understanding, and self-awareness all while blinded by our humanness.  Death is graduation, freedom.  Mourning is release.  When understood, death provides a deeper connection between two souls, one that is stronger, more palpable, and more available than it ever was when these flesh-suits were in the way. 

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We’re All in This Together – Intentions, Perspective, & Expectations ~ Podcast 18

Expectation is different language for everyone and yet so often we work from the illusion that everyone else’s perception and perspective should be similar to our ownWe fail to ask for help, or we allow ourselves to be disappointed by the unspoken and therefore, unfair expectations we hold for others and for experiences themselves.   We have a choice…  Speak up or be content with things as they are.   Some find this difficult, because we allow ourselves to dilute our power and to operate as weak in some areas despite being strong in others.  It’s time that we realize how powerful, valid, and worthy we are.  It’s time we quit assuming, grow our own voices, and allow ourselves to truly hear the voices of others.  We are all in the life thing together.  Ask for help. Speak your truth.  Voice your expectations.  Then, look people in the eyes and say THANK YOU.

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Equanimity ~ Podcast 17

You can never fully know anyone. You will never know every one of their struggles or every one of their joys. Each of us is so unique, and it’s an incredible thing when you start to learn who others are and what they’ve been through. It’s also a beautiful thing to be one of those people who has seen it hit the fan and now sits in calm and confidence amongst those who have never seen such things. Be careful who you judge and be careful what you assume.  You don’t know what people have seen or who they are.  Each path is different and equal in value.  Some seem simple and easy while others seem too difficult to bare.  Yet in truth they are equal, and in order to awaken, we must recognize how that assumption robs us of our empathy and teachability.  Equanimity is the conscious realization that reality is transient, that we are neither who we were nor who we will be and neither is anyone else.  In this truth, our goal must be to release both judgement and assumption for ourselves and of others.

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