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Metaphysical Story Telling Volume 7 – Lazarus – Podcast 69

Lazarus represents that part of us that the average “sleep walker” simply ignores, that part of our consciousness that is pure divinity. It is the spiritual part of us that must be called into life, presence, and power every single day.  Too many of us...

Mother’s Day – Podcast 68

To be a good mother, a good parent, a good steward for the potential of an innocent, you must first fall in love with your own life.  You must LOVE IT… not because it’s perfect, it won’t be…  not because you have all your desires, you won’t.  You must...

Veggie Wash – Podcast 67

Lesson 67 is a discussion inspired by my son's mediocre apple washing endeavor… Energetic clearing and the all too neglected blessing of oneself and environment are vital spiritual exercises. However, they have become so trendy, that many who dabble in...

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