Time itself is a human construct.  It can be bent and stretched, and yet so many of us walk through this life controlled by, victim to, or even in fear of the passage time.  Do not allow yourself to buy in to anyone else’s misconceptions.  The truth is life is not too short, children do not grow too quickly, and there truly is enough time for everything you actually want to do. It is the release of control that gives us mastery, and in that mastery lies one of the most essential keys to our awakenings. In episode 20, we discuss time… the passage of, the use of, the value, and the SLOWING of time.  We will explore strategies, attitudes, pitfalls, & the true rewards of time management as both a spiritual and truly human necessity.  Each of us has the ability to not just embrace, but to maximize and stretch time as well.  We truly can be present, experience, enjoy, get the job done, and still find the time to swing on the swings!

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