Denials and Affirmations are the most effective tools we can use to train our minds to see what is for us instead of what is not… to see what is light and joy and success for us individually and to recognize that those very things are different for different people.  The outside world can bring our fears up into our faces.  Some people are paralyzed by that, while others use it as motivation to work really hard and defy the fear.  Motivation is great, but the reality is we must first deny the very seed of doubt.  We must claim, “That’s not for me” and THEN affirm, validate, and strive for the truth. Anything less is a distraction from fear leaving the seed just below the surface to fester and grow.  Episode 29 is a lesson in using outward influences like people, television, & social media to pin point the next area of focus for our ultimate evolution and enlightenment, to help each of us recognize that sometimes the only lesson to learn is that we must deny the old and affirm the new. 

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