The Chattering Monkeys – Podcast 3

Our thoughts literally shape our lives…not just our emotions, but the actual events, how they unfold, and even who is involved.  Learning to “control” our thoughts gives us power over fear, anxiety, and manifestation.  Our thoughts are not rouge creatures.  They are tenable.  This episode provides strategies to help you wield the power of your mind and create the life you deserve. © 2018 https:\\/\\/

The Balcony – Podcast 2

The desire to be understood is one of the most crippling stumbling blocks on the path to awakening. This podcast is designed to help us begin to release the need to be understood while providing us with tools to understand others more easily…how to unlock empathy and acquire the much-needed ability to release judgment of ourselves and others. In this podcast, we discuss how to live life from “the balcony” while maintaining teachability, how to deepen our relationships without sacrificing who we are, and how to soar high on our paths without pushing growth on those who are not ready. © 2018 https:\\/\\/

The meaning of life, Who we are, and the path to awakening – Podcast 1

We are so much bigger than this body. We are more than our religious background, our education, or our appearance. As we awaken to the truth of who we are, we release fear and worry, judgment and ego, our thoughts become calm and anxiety diminishes. The meaning of life is simpler than you think. Episode one is step one on this journey. Lessons from the Universe. © 2018 https:\\/\\/