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What Would Jenn Say? – Podcast 64

This very special episode is audio from Jennifer’s most recent live event.  Topics include spirit, intuition, body/soul alignment, spiritual practice, brain training, health, tattoos, worthiness, fear, manifestation, and more.  This episode is a glimpse of what it’s...

My husband wears funny socks…” – Podcast 56

Talent is great, but persistence trumps talent every time…  We have a choice.  We can decide it’s hard, or we can decide it’s worth it.  We can believe in our desires and take the steps that allow their manifestation to unfold, or we can fail for lack of trying. ...

My Princess Wears Cleats, a conversation about fear – Podcast 50

Harm is real, danger is real, broken hearts and broken bones are real, but fear is an illusion… Fear is the shell we put around our other emotions as if it has some intrinsic power that is of itself both powerful and oddly protective.  We give it dominion over our...

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