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Life School – Podcast 66

We came to Life School on purpose, so we could learn more about who we are…that spiritual perfection striving to align itself with human reality.  THIS is Life School, and it is perfect.  It can be hard or sad.  It can make us angry or make us bleed.  It can make us...

Feeling Blue – Podcast 65

Sometimes we feel blue.  We may catch ourselves stuck in worry, discontent, or a feeling that is best described as “empty”.  We must remember, that this is not a cage.  It is an opportunity.  If we take it apart, become stewards of our thinking, experts in the...

What Would Jenn Say? – Podcast 64

This very special episode is audio from Jennifer’s most recent live event.  Topics include spirit, intuition, body/soul alignment, spiritual practice, brain training, health, tattoos, worthiness, fear, manifestation, and more.  This episode is a glimpse of what it’s...

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