“Lessons from the Universe” is a guide to help you on your spiritual journey towards awareness and awakening. The lessons presented here aim to cultivate qualities such as interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately, help you manifest a life that you truly desire and love. You can expect to find inspiration, laughter, and some four-letter words along the way.

What people are saying:

Jennifer’s amazing and is truly gifted. I go to regular sessions with her and recommend her to others. In fact, I’ve also taken a few friends who equally loved her. She is a gifted intuitive and empath, and she is wonderfully compassionate. She is also very honest and accurate. She’ll tell you what you need to hear – even the hard stuff that you’re not ready to hear – and yet no matter what the subject matter or message, she makes you feel completely safe, secure, understood and validated. Jennifer even takes time before each session to take notes on you. Each time I arrive, she has detailed notes on various topics, covering a whole page front and back. Everything she’s taken notes on, and everything she says during our session, is always spot-on. Her guidance has been invaluable to me in healing and growing on an emotional and spiritual level. I’m very blessed to have found her – she’s the real deal and she’s great!



I met this kind, open, spunky little brunette who seemed to have the answers to questions that I hadn’t been able to formulate in my mind. No matter what you are comfortable calling Jennifer and her messages from the Universe, it is hard to deny she is amazing. Some call her a Life Coach, Mentor, Channel, Psychic, Spiritual Guide, Podcaster or … Some just say Jennifer is gifted. I say she is a gift… a gift to enable a person to find their path to happiness. It looks different for everyone. That is what makes her Universal message so special.

– Michelle

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“Lessons from the Universe” is a spiritual guide that helps you become more aware and awakened. The lessons aim to cultivate gratitude, promote peacefulness, and ultimately help you manifest the life you truly desire. This guidebook offers inspiration, humor, and even some colorful language. © 2024 psychicjenniferhall.com