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Podcast 77– Yes, it really can be that good!

Thought is the means by which we create.  It is powerful and malleable.  All we need to do is employ the intelligence to utilize its creative power with the intention for outcomes we actually desire.  When we contemplate Highest Good, the Universe responds in...

Podcast 70 – What is Love?

The words “I love you” are both the pinnacle of human experience and the distraction many Zen, Buddhist, and Taoist teachers warn us to avoid.  Real love is not a noun.  It is a verb.  It is an action of flowing energy that connects us all and is most perfectly...

Metaphysical Story Telling Volume 7 – Lazarus – Podcast 69

Lazarus represents that part of us that the average “sleep walker” simply ignores, that part of our consciousness that is pure divinity. It is the spiritual part of us that must be called into life, presence, and power every single day.  Too many of us are trapped in...

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