You can never fully know anyone. You will never know every one of their struggles or every one of their joys. Each of us is so unique, and it’s an incredible thing when you start to learn who others are and what they’ve been through. It’s also a beautiful thing to be one of those people who has seen it hit the fan and now sits in calm and confidence amongst those who have never seen such things. Be careful who you judge and be careful what you assume.  You don’t know what people have seen or who they are.  Each path is different and equal in value.  Some seem simple and easy while others seem too difficult to bare.  Yet in truth they are equal, and in order to awaken, we must recognize how that assumption robs us of our empathy and teachability.  Equanimity is the conscious realization that reality is transient, that we are neither who we were nor who we will be and neither is anyone else.  In this truth, our goal must be to release both judgement and assumption for ourselves and of others.

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