All paths exist on a continuum of truth. Each designed, in its purest sense, to get any given individual as close to the truth as he or she is capable of traveling. Many center around the belief in a largely, if not entirely, invisible force widely described as God…a concept that brings unity, fear, and alienation into the hearts and minds of people due to the misuse, abuse, and endless interpretations of the word.  To some, God is a man out there prescribing both compassion and punishment.  To others, those who see energy and potential instead of some anthropomorphic being, it is gross to limit that limitless possibility to some body.   I say, the only ones who are inferior are the ones who believe they are superior.  So let’s get into it… God, religion, atheism, all of it.  Let’s be fearless, because the only dogma we really need is the one we can all agree on…  BE EXCELLENT TO EACHOTHER.  DO YOUR BEST.  & DON’T BE D*CK. 

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