A lot of people think that sad is a negative thing, that it’s a loss, that it can own us somehow, but sad can’t own you.  In spirit, in truth, it’s not “sad”, it is RELEASE.  If it’s situational or circumstantial, it’s the release of pint up emotions, of the fear, anger, and intuition that warned us in advance.  If it’s death, it’s the release of the need to hug her, to hold his hands, to see their faces or hear their words.  Release may have the outward appearance of pain and loss and heartbreak, but it is so much more.  It is love, it is gratitude, and it is freedom.  Release may bring tears, but it is not out of loss or fear.  It is out of gratitude for the blessings, the joys, and the education of this often bittersweet life.  In Episode 31, Jennifer shares a bittersweet moment in her own life, and perhaps you’ll shed a tear together.  Just remember, the happy things are the reasons why she cries.

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