Anxiety is the physical manifestation of thoughts gone rouge.  It is fear we don’t want to call fear.  It is misguided self-protection.  It is your body fighting to tell you that something is wrong, fighting to get your attention.  However, anxiety has no intrinsic power.  You can destroy it with the truth.  You can free yourself of its bondage and discover a mind and life free of false expectation, free of the need to be protected by others, immersed in full light utterly aware of your own innate power and peacefulness.  The process is not magic.  Its science.  It makes good use of how your brain works while simultaneously linking you to your best and highest self.  I have helped hundreds of people overcome even their most deep seated anxieties, including myself.  I was the guinea pig, the test subject.  It worked for me, for us, and it can work for you, too.

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