Your podcast made my soul smile. Thank you for creating these. Let the work begin. -Molly H

I just finished episode 3 of your podcast. I am blown away with the progression of your mind. I do understand now that it’s just not about “getting it”, it’s about applying it. Thank you so much for giving me the link. So much gratitude. I anticipate seeing you in person. Thank you for taking the time to record these sessions. Brilliant Jennifer.— Brandon B

Congrats on your podcast. I have only listened to it a little bit, and I’m planning on listening to lots more! Also, you’ve been posting some wonderful messages lately that I absolutely needed to hear. It’s funny how you don’t know it at the time, but then you hear it, and you’re like “yep, that’s what I needed to hear today!”  Thanks for being a positive Light. Your messages definitely are heard by me. Keep up the good work!  -Courtney B.

Thanks for the podcast reminders! I listened to 3 this afternoon. I really needed the last one, too. I was in tears going through Starbucks… couldn’t see to get the correct change… it was perfect!  It’s a great reminder, which I REALLY needed. –JR

I just love listening to your voice you have uplifted me. I appreciate you so very very much I love you girl, & loved the message!!!!   Love, Sunny

I just wanted to thank you for creating your podcast channel. You are helping so many people find their truth, and that’s beautiful. I just finished your recent upload and it really spoke to me. Thanks again! Namaste -Jonathan L

I am loving your podcast!! Helps me tremendously!  -Elizabeth A.

I am following my strong impulse to say THANK YOU for your pivotal role in my journey. You saw me through some super rocky times. And even though I don’t see you in person (for now) I’m grateful for your presence through social media and now your very successful podcast:) it has taken me a long time to understand the bigger picture of what you’ve explained a while back. But now I see how AWESOME the universe is. Things are unfolding wonderfully and I am enjoying every second. Especially today, the universe is like “let me blow your mind”. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Xoxo Rosa

I know you are extremely busy, but I wanted to reach out to you. These podcast sessions have resonated with me so much. I absolutely love your tenacity about delivering truth. Gives me so much energy listening. So well done. Inspiring example of how to live a human existence. You are a badass. I am so excited about seeing you in person. Again thank you for all your efforts. ~ Brandon

Girl! I just listened to the most recent episode of your podcast and you were on fire!  Also, love the resurrection episode. I’m going to CSLDallas and we’re talking about a lot of similar things.  So glad you started this. ~Leah G

LOVE IT!!! I too have felt like Thekla. Especially in situations I face every now and then around closed minded people. Thanks for sharing. I will catch up on all your podcast? ~David Colbray

I release all unessary fears. I attract the right people into my world. Very simple and precise affirmations. We could use these for everyday! ~ Julie Liu

Thank you so much for offering up this amazing podcast for free. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the privilege of you in my life for several years now through my transition, divorce and business loss. I absolutely wouldn’t have made it through without your guidance and friendship. Over the years I’ve heard some of the things in this podcast but never quite like this. Taking on the meaning of life on your first podcast is amazing. I can’t wait to hear more of your future podcasts. ~Tina Whatley

“Some little brunette with a pod cast” made my day. That was brilliant, eloquent and so beautiful, my friend!!!!
Your voice, cadence and words were powerful and profound. Going back tomorrow at the 27 minute mark to write those affirmations down.
Thank you!! Looking forward to your next talk!!
Mwah!!! ~Chelsa Nunn Morrison

Uplifting and Thought Provoking!!!

I find Jennifer’s message to be uplifting and thought provoking. At the end of each episode I want more. It makes my long commutes much more enjoyable. ~Michelle MacLeod

Very inspirational content

This is a great listen and helps to affirm our existence ~Ribyn D

A True Mentor

Jennifer taught me many things- but most importantly: humility… a method of self reflection that allows a person to see through people and accept them for who they are in the present, and posses the ability to see how far you can take them for the better… and more importantly- she showed me how far I can go. ~Mike V Mabry

No need to message back. I know you must stay busy and it’s Friday! I just want you to know how much your podcasts are helping me. I came across the podcast at the exact moment I needed. Pressed play. Fell apart but in a good way. A relieving way. This podcast couldn’t have started at a more perfect time. I needed it so much. Thank you Jennifer, I just love you! Thank you Thank you.  -Monica P.

“Life changes significantly when we allow ourselves to adopt the principles of fearless equanimity, and the ability to see necessary change”. The bottom line of why I will always cherish the guidance I have personally experienced with Jennifer (a true leader)- is because she instilled the priority of: sticking to the value systems we employ; both professionally and personally- and never allowing the priority of that to collapse, because the impact of which can devastate the perspective and outlook of those who admire you (whether you know it or not).I’m living proof of how this woman can change your life… from being a starving personal trainer to my first day back in school- I’m proud to say- in another 8 months… and equipped with a 3.55 GPA… I’ll be beginning my first semester in Dental school. Thank you jen – I’d say we changed me for the better

Five Star! A true spiritual guide who is an enlightened being surrounded in Light and Love.
Highly educated! She has been my “Muse” for nearly 3 years now. Good or Bad, she tells it like
is. Sometimes the medicine can be hard to swallow. Not for the faint of heart she will reveal
all.. And I’m so very thankful for her in my life.
The word psychic doesn’t do her justice. In fact, she is known amongst other psychics as “The
Psychics’ Psychic”, as they all call on her for their own readings.

~Tina W.

Jennifer has been my voice of reason, truth, and love for the past 2 years..I’m there every Friday! After my first visit, I knew she was the real deal. I even got a message from my Grandpa and Grandma. She has helped me grow spiritually deeper than I knew I could go. She helps me with all of my relationships (friends, family, coworkers, or otherwise) better than any therapist I’ve ever seen. She has been my life coach and spiritual guide – she saved my life. I do not know where I would be in my life without her guidance and unconditional love. I know I will always get the truth whether it’s what I want to hear or not, and I respect and appreciate that fact. I have sent many friends and clients to her and they all cannot believe how spot on she is! I love and appreciate her amazing gifts, and I’m so grateful that I am so fortunate to get to spend every Friday with her!

~Annie W.

After seeing her three times in one year, I’ve referred over 11 people to Jennifer that have already booked to see her. She has helped me tremendously through some hard times and has given me incredible advice.  She is 100% accurate and very detailed in the information she provides me, and she’s always ready with information to share with me before I show up, even prior to the first time we ever met! She is extremely friendly, inviting, cheerful, positive, has great energy, and I felt as if I’d known her my entire life.  There’s no limit to how appreciative I feel towards her.  She has a conveniently located, beautiful home that makes you feel very comfortable. She is always booked at least two months in advance, but she goes out of her way to accommodate all of her clients.
Jennifer is not only a psychic, but also a median, which is exceptional. Not only does she provide me with positive guidance for every day issues, through good and hard times, but most importantly, I get to reconnect with my Granny, my best friend… Words cannot describe what a beautiful gift that is!


Jennifer’s amazing and is truly gifted. I go to regular sessions with her and recommend her to others. In fact, I’ve also taken a few friends who equally loved her. She is a gifted intuitive and empath, and she is wonderfully compassionate. She is also very honest and accurate. She’ll tell you what you need to hear – even the hard stuff that you’re not ready to hear – and yet no matter what the subject matter or message, she makes you feel completely safe, secure, understood and validated. Jennifer even takes time before each session to take notes on you. Each time I arrive, she has detailed notes on various topics, covering a whole page front and back. Everything she’s taken notes on, and everything she says during our session, is always spot-on. Her guidance has been invaluable to me in healing and growing on an emotional and spiritual level. I’m very blessed to have found her – she’s the real deal and she’s great!

~Tesa G.

I’ve worked with Jennifer for a long time- a year exactly today. I would describe myself as a very one sided skeptic and of the upper middle class and a respective income.
Before I speak about the legitimacy of Jennifer Hall I’ll run through a typical appointment with her.
1. You arrive at her place of business, greeted with a warm hug. She is a short business professional dressed woman accompanied by a  large conference table and earth tone conference room (much like trump hotels business areas; Chicago area kind of).
– I would like to note; there is no incense burning, there is no card playing or broad     interpretation of a mythical tool(s).
2. When you sit down with Jennifer, she presents you with a handwritten outline of your appointment with everything she wants to discuss with you personally. The information she will introduce to you is shockingly accurate (I should know I originally called her from a pay phone and gave her a false name when I scheduled my first appointment).
3. During your appointment she will happily get the conversation started but NEVER speaks over you. There is not lecture of “what you are feeling”- the discussion is structured but completely open to the client to discuss whatever is on your mind.
– my personal experience has resulted in ac-curacies of:
a. blood clotting – I donated blood a few months ago, and my blood iron was severely high (withing heart attack and stroke range… says my MD…a  53 out of 60 hemoglobin level- the cut off limit for donating blood).
b. A broken tooth- I had my doctor x-ray my teeth immediately after an appointment and as it turns out I needed a root canal, my tooth had literally crumbled in the waiting room, and I was in intense pain.
c. Business advice: I had developed some adverse feelings about 2 particular business partners, and chose to end my ventures with these people. The advice I chose to follow is very personal so I’ll just highlight that those two endeavors…. they are BOTH now tied up with mandatory efforts for the next few years :0  !!!!!
– Look: Viewer- whoever is reading this review. Believe me or don’t- the woman is real. My success is based on knowing real or fake immediately. Jennifer Hall is thought provoking, and professionally but certainly brutally honest. If you need the truth – go get it.

~Mike. M.

The first day I met Jennifer will always be etched in my mind, heart, and soul. I walked out of her home with a new perspective. Our first meeting was very profound…and many more have followed. There are people that cross your path throughout life that make an impact…such an impact, that it reaches you to your core. Jennifer is definitely one of those people for me. I love her, genuinely.
I wish I could adequately convey how extraordinary she is… Enlightened, loving, patient, and kind…and has become so much more than a psychic to me. She’s my friend…

~Constance E.

10 stars! I am at a lost of words. If you are looking for an intuitive, venerable and professional psychic she is far more than that. I had many reading done before and none like the one I received from Jennifer. Readings are meant to be honest, and you will get just that. Jennifer will give you the truth not what you want to hear. With her many psychic gifts coupled with patience, understanding and empathy to our human ways it makes for an authentic experience. Not only does she read your life she is personal about her own. Beware, you will want to befriend her and keep her close after all is said and done. Good vibes my friend and I hope this centers you to make a sound choice. Peace

~Datiana G.

I have been going to Jennifer for over a year now. She has helped me in so many unexpected ways. I had never been to a psychic before. Initially, I needed answers for a few things that were pressing at the time but the subsequent visits have unfolded into the discovery of the bigger picture of my life. I received answers to questions I’ve had even when I thought I knew the answers before with my previous belief system. She helps me to see where I have the power to change when I cannot – and this sometimes can be hard to swallow but has improved my life for the better when applied. And on many an occasion the times she has ‘seen’ incidents occurring and cautioned me – they did indeed happen. She is a spiritual teacher above and beyond what you may expect in seeing a ‘psychic’ and that is where the value lies in my visits. I am grateful that I found her.

~Rosalynn D.

I’ve seen Jennifer three times and every time I walk in with my own agenda ( which is usually superficial  problems) and she has that piece of paper that always has the nitty gritty issues that need to be adressed, and thank goodness for that! One of the things that I love most about her is that she talks to me as an equal that has dealt with life just as the rest of us have.  This is defiantly not Ms. Cleo stuff. She makes you feel as though she’s known you all your life in a kind, loving, non intrusive way. I wouldn’t be surprised if I continued to see Jennifer for the rest of my life. I’m very blessed to have found this wonderful woman!

~Ellen R.

Jennifer is awesome at giving messages that she already had written down before she walked into my home. The messages rang true or impacted me emotionally in a positive way. She is authentic in her work as a medium. Her sensitivity is perfect for educating, encouraging, and supporting in my frustrations and trials of how I deal with my life. She is full of energy, bubbly, and positive of her life and her work in helping her clients.

~Naomi P.

Spiritual Sister!!  Jennifer is really down to earth psychic. She has the ability to help you to see where your going and what is blocking you from reaching your intended purpose. She has helped me to understand that I’m not  KRAZY! and to help me to accept my abilities with grace and ease. Don’t wait another day to get the answers you’ve been seeking.
She shoots it straight and will not tell you what you want to hear.
This is an amazing experience, especially when she has everything written down before you get there.
If you have found this page then it was meant to be. Just Call Her!!


Well you saved my husband’s life. ‘Thank you’ sounds corny! He has a spot on his lower right lung, they think pneumonia but 50/50 chance it’s cancer. But it’s one spot in one area. He is actually doing better, either from relief or from the meds helping. 🙂 I am your new poster child for “do what the lady says!” 🙂

Jen, you are one in a million! My life has taken me all over the globe and out of all the people walking this planet, the universe has chosen you to play such a key role in my life, my spiritual growth, the releasing of my gifts and abilities and me walking out my true destiny…. Thank You!! I am a hard person to truly impress, but your openness, genuineness, sincerity, being down to earth and real has allowed me to grasp my true identity. Thank you for being the crystal and being the example so that I can know the impact I can have in the lives of other people.


Thank you so much for that and for coming out to see me yesterday. It helped bring so much peace and ease of mind. I would love to do it again. I know I could still use more practice! Today at the office went well. I picked a new place to sit at our staff meeting which seemed to shift the energy. Funny enough – the really negative employee began not to feel well in the office. I noticed a shift in the other that had been negative – S seemed more positive and receptive. I mentioned C’s husband in my dreams and she said her husband had started to see an internist! I felt more calm, at peace and in control today than I have ever felt facing Monday and staff meetings. For that – thank you so much.

~Whitney S.

I get very defensive of you because there is so much more to you and I hate when people stereotype!!!  And my scratchy shower gloves are amazing!!!!! Just that kind of thing and techniques and visualizations that you have taught me are huge!!! You can go to conventional therapy for years and delve into y you did something, daddy issues whatever but it doesn’t change anything… Learning about me and how to love me and be me so that I don’t make those mistakes again is so much more! When you leave therapy you are crying! When I leave you I am floating and I think we need to figure out a way to do this…seminar type something or I’m not sure but might be onto something….

Lisa f

Hey Jennifer. I wanted to tell u that I am a big SKEPTIC of readers/psychic but I am a believer in u. My friend is out of ICU and off the ventilator.

~Kathy F.

What a beautiful gift you have, and I know the things you tell ppl come from a place of kindness and even, perhaps, love.  Soon as I have the means, I’d like to schedule an hour with you. You really gave me food for thought. That’s not something that happens for me much. I have many things to ask and talk to you about. I look forward to our next meeting.

You know you’re my hero, seriously you ARE my hero. Tuesday night was excellent insight for me I’ve opened up more and…..I “think” I heard my guardian-angle yesterday she gave me her name-WOOHOO!!!    I could never have come this far without your support and love, thank you.Huge hugs to you!                                             ~S

Jennifer, This message is long overdue. I’ve been traveling, and now have settled down to tell you how much I enjoyed your group meeting. I claimed three things you told us that evening for myself. The death of a baby explanation was most  comforting for me. The lump in the neck message was something I’ve been concerned about, but ignored having it checked out by a doctor. I had been experiencing uncomfortable bloating in my lower abdomen. I never considered it could be the probiotic supplement I was taking. I stopped the supplement, and the bloating disappeared. It’s awesome.  Since I met with you, I’ve been reading, studying and discerning the spiritual beliefs I was fed as a child and young adult. I now know the universe holds much more for me. Even at my age of 64 years, as I am learning, I am also finding peace and understanding. Thank you, for sharing your gift with me and with others.    Sincerely, Nancy F.

She is truly amazing! In one hour she helped me more than years and years of therapy. I was nervous being a Christian, but I realized that she had a true gift. She had a list of problems I had fought with for years and all the answers I needed! She is amazing!


It’s been a couple of months since I saw you but some things have occurred that you spoke of which didn’t make sense at the time but make total sense now! I’d love to continue to follow up now that I have some direction in my life.

You were exactly what I envisioned and thank you for your light! Seriously, I just wanted to say thank you so much. [My friend] was ecstatic to hear from her father – my prayer had been she would 🙂 … I will do my homework I promise and I’m blown away by what you shared with me today. I needed to hear it all and I need to work on my inner self extensively. I have been dying a slow death I think emotionally and spiritually… and you’ve given me more precious tools – thank you thank you thank you! I will be back 🙂

Dear Jennifer, You ARE my life saver, my hero, and my shining light!!!  I want to thank you for your encouraging words yesterday regarding the “scary people” how I can tell them what I need here on this plain.   You have no idea how much I’ve grown in a few short hours.   I feel as if a huge weight is off my shoulders my lungs fill with clear clean air.  Thank you for the simple tricks you taught me.  I’m blown away with how easy it is to put up my shield.    You won’t believe this – IT WORKS, IT’S SIMPLE, and I can control everything.  I’m LOVIN’ this free feeling!  The peacefulness that comes over my body is AMAZING!  There’s no thinking just doing LOL!  I feel free for the first time in my life!


Hi Jennifer. I wanted to send a thank you for the reading you gave me. I have had an intense deepening in the relationship with my middle son, Corey, as a result of the messages you shared.
I also feel moved to tell you that I had a very powerful experience at work. You had said that there would be a job opening in my future and although you couldn’t make out all the details, you drew a picture of 3 stars hanging down and pointed to the last one. I received a document from our HR team yesterday outlining the new structure of our team, including the new promotion I am supposed to receive soon, AND IT WAS IDENTICAL TO YOUR DRAWING!
I send you best wishes and positive energy and hope to talk again soon.
Kindly, Aly

Hi Jennifer! This is Kim. I was with B today at her 10:30 reading with you. I just wanted to send an email and thank you for today. While I was there to support B, I was listening very closely to your advice regarding marriage. My husband and I have been going through some extremely difficult times for a few years now. Hearing your words to B strengthened what I already knew in my heart. Not sure what to do with it yet. But I feel stronger. Thank you for helping her out. She and I went out to lunch after and had a great talk about what you and she talked about.  Thanks, also, for the “dog time”. Your dogs are so sweet and I need my “dog fix”. I do miss my sweet girl. 🙂

~Kim P.

I am 29 and I found God! Thank you so much for everything and helping me see the truth all around me. I know what have to do now. You are such a beautiful person with an amazing gift! I definitely needed you and you helped me find my way:) i just wanted you to know.


Than you again Jennifer for my reading today and a couple months ago. I believe everything you said. You were dead on when u say I hate to lose. You answer questions I forgot to ask. I hate to admit it to myself but u are right about everything.  You are a true psychic and friend. Now I know what I have to do.


All I have to say is that you are an amazing lens for the spirits of the universe.

Thank you!

Looking forward to seeing you again. 🙂

Good morning! I just wanted to let ya know that I sent my resume to a school I had been looking at last week. I got an email the next morning, had an interview Thursday, and was offered the job on the spot!!!  I loved it as soon as I walked in the door!!  Thanks for the advice and giving me the kick in the pants I needed to make this change. Lol, in 30 minutes, you changed the direction of my career in such a positive and healthy way!  It feels right and this is where I’m supposed to be now:)

~Jennifer G

Thanks so much!  Our time together was very profitable. I had so much confirmation, validation, which I needed.  You are truly a gift from God!  I’m already implementing cleansing/shielding many times throughout the day & doing those things you suggested.  I feel stronger after my session with you, implementing the changes & standing in what’s right for me.  Thank you & bless you, Jennifer!!
~Victoria S.

I am so glad that I texted you the other day.  I had actually bookmarked your web page months ago.  I guess the time was right. I have been waking up with all sorts of aches and pains.  These were cut in half by the time I left your house.  It is even less today.You are a remarkable woman.  Spirit guided me to you.  I am so grateful.
~Linda P.

I thanked the universe for bringing me to you and asked that it brings many many more…crowds!

You deserve a world full of happiness, wealth, health and people to help. After all you are the mender of broken hearts, a crutch for the hurt and a true friend for the needy. If only there were more like you out there….

You’re gifted in so many ways!

Did I ever tell you how AMAZING and LOYAL and BEAUTIFUL you are!!! XO! Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me discover the truth to who I am. Every time I talk to you it sets my seeker off into a learning study craze:) Truly thank you, I think about you all of the time! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!  I look fwd to our next appointment in the future!:)



Thanks, Jennifer, for meeting with me yesterday.  You ideas around grounding and intention really helped me today.  We are preparing for our annual Global Business Conference, and the place is a frantic zoo.  I intentionally cleared myself and thought of the buffer around me as well as spreading joy to people in the building.  It helped make my day less stressful and hopefully impacted others around me.


If you’re thinking about visiting with someone gifted, but not sure where to start, look no further.  I highly recommend Jennifer.  She’s gifted, intelligent, kind and punctual.I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer since 2/13 and I’m a repeat customer.For me, she has been a Life Coach, able to provide clear direction for my own self -development. You’ll find the insights you receive valuable, this I can promise.                                                                                                                            ~Gina E.

Said my prayer so much… My aunt is a changed person and my wife wants me to continue my work too… Can’t wait to hone in on my abilities and clear the negative… You’re awesome                  ~Selena

Thank you. Jennifer after seeing you today I feel a peace n lightness I haven’t felt in a looong time. I am so grateful for finding you. I want my aunt to call you too. I told her all abt you. You are very very special n very very gifted. I truly believe that when in your presence your energy is healing. Thank you. Have a wonderful night. Big hug!!!!

Thank you. It’s been a MUCH better year with you as a trusted friend and advisor.


This year I am most thankful for you. You’ve changed my life for the better in many ways. Your advice is always good and heartfelt, even when it’s not exactly what I want to hear. Thank you!


Was such a pleasure meeting you on Monday and also want to thank you for such a wonderful reading. You have opened my eyes to what I have always been called a “Healer”.  Unfortunately, no one could explain this gift the way that you did.  I have a greater appreciation and understanding of this great gift.  I have been practicing the “shield technique” and boy of boy does that every work!!  My soul feels free for the first time every and I am so much more aware.  I  can not thank you enough for this invaluable education.  Hugs!!

~Liz H.

Thank you so much for this morning. Mitch and I really enjoyed all the information. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. You truly are a blessing to us.

-Steph & Mitch

Hi Jennifer.’s Susie.  (Kati ‘ s friend) Thank you again for today. It was very insightful and I had a great time.  I will definitely come back to see you again !! 🙂 Thanks for being so candid!!  My ultimate goal was to find out if I am wasting my time with Jose….:) Thanks again for everything! !!


Jennifer Hall is the biggest blessing to your life you will ever find.  She is a teacher, coach, guide, advisor,  mother, friend and a changer of lives.  You know this to be True if you are reading my referral, or you would not be here right Now reading it.  She is as sweet as they come, but will tell you the Truth, even if it hurts.  Everything she has ever told me has turned out to be True.  Sometimes I listened immediately and transcended quickly to a higher level.  The times I did not listen it was a much harder, longer lesson.  Jennifer’s vibration is the highest of anyone I have ever met.  So, if you are looking and searching for the meaning of your life and want to know why you are here.  Call Jennifer NOW!  Allow her to point you in the right direction so you may discover the Truth of your existence.  You will not be sorry.

Peace is attainable!!!

~Steve O.

First off, I don’t think you realize how relieved I was walking into your home and not seeing voodoo dolls hung on the walls, or you wearing some crazy robe with lots of embellishments!! lol I have never visited a psychic before so I had no clue what to expect, but it was extremely comforting that it was like talking to a friend. Our session opened my eyes to a lot of things and more importantly explained A LOT about why I always feel the way I do and the reasons I do things, even if at the moment I’m not quite sure why. I would definitely love to visit you again, but this time longer because on my drive home I thought about many others things that had me asking myself lots of questions! And out of all the searches I found on google, I now know why there was a reason I kept clicking back to your name! So, thank you again and I’m looking forward to my next drive up there! 🙂


You’re my new hero!  We loved hearing you today—someone finally speaks our language!  I felt such a strong connection with you (maybe everyone who hears you speak does?) that I don’t want to lose track of you.  Thanks for being here…I can’t help wondering how you found the courage to take your gifts out to play in public—or was it something you couldn’t NOT do? I’ve just been on (and off) this spiritual path for many years and it’s refreshing to hear someone speak their truth and have it sound so much like mine.

~Paula (gallery participant)

Thank you for all that you did to make this event so special for myself, my son, his girlfriend, my mother and all of the many, many people whose lives you touched in such a positive way.
Congratulations to you! You are awesome!

~ Felicia

Well hello! Update, you said you see me getting a job within 2 months…… And bam I accepted a job today, 6Gs more than what I was getting and closer to home. I think my grandma’s personality came out in the interview,  lol.                                                                                                                  Thank you so much,

Greetings Jennifer. I just wana say thank you very much.  I am reading the book  and its a healer. thank u so so much. u are my biggest therapy. since i came there i have a different look towards life and its much easier for me not to stress any more about nothing…..thank you once again


When I saw on your website that you didn’t need tarot cards or rituals to do a reading I immediately knew I would go to nobody else but you. I am so glad that I did! I felt at ease with you right way. You’re very intuitive and spiritually connected. You answered all of my questions and reassured me in all the right areas of my life. It is truly a blessing and honor to have spoken with you. Your guidance has changed my life in a great way and I know they’ll be many more readings to follow!

~Jerica G.

There are many people who call themselves psychics, or mediums, but once you begin speaking with them you realize they’re full of it. Jennifer isn’t one of those; she has an amazing gift and is the real deal. She was spot on with regards to the people I care about and myself. I’d recommend her to anyone.

~ Erick C.

Jennifer’s magnetic personality immediately made me feel comfortable. She was very insightful and able to really talk to me where I understood everything she was explaining. She helped me gain spiritual insight into my situations.

~Jamie F.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Jennifer for the truly amazing, eye-opening, and encouraging time I have spent with her. I was extremely comfortable from the first second we spoke on the phone. 🙂

~Cherry S.

What a wonderful person. Jennifer is genuinely caring and intuitive. I got a lot out of my time with her.

~Leah S.


I just wanted to thank you for your time last night.  You really helped me move from where I was, and definitely hit on things that were surprising.

~Traci H.

Thank you so much! You are not only a gifted psychic but an amazing person!

~Meghan C.

“Thank you so much!  I am overjoyed!”

~ Maggie

“Hi Jennifer, It was such a pleasure to meet with you today.  I feel so much better after our conversation and a strong connection to you!  You are gifted!  XO”

~ Christina

I was always a little bit of a sceptic and had never called a psychic until a year ago because I was unhappy with my life and I had alot of unanswered questions. All the psychics that I went to used tarot cards and I thought that was how it was suppossed to be until I went to Jennifers for a reading. Im so glad that I decided to call Jennifer and get a reading because she blew my mind at how accurate she was… She is a great counselor and has a welcoming warm atmosphere around her and she is no joke…Jennifer has a god given gift and people should know about it and go see for yourselves, you wont be wasting your time or money with this lady I promise:)

~Melanie R.

“Hey Jenn, just wanted to say thank you again.  Our reading has really been with both me and LeAna.  Plus I think your just a really cool chick and wanted to say hi.  Many thanks again!”


I wanted to thank u from the bottom of my heart for that day..  It took two days to understand…Feeling better now. I can also see the freshness of my face getting back….I have this feeling that I have met you before…ur eyes r quite familiar.  God bless u!


“Thank you soo much u make me feel a lot better.  I feel so much peace on me.”


“Thank you so much for all your help and you support.  I really appreciate it.”


“Thank you so much.  I am so glad that I found you.  I will touch base with you in a couple months.”